Monday, January 19, 2015

My experience weight loss

I love the concept of "body love yourself", because a healthy body is adorable. Here are some ways to help you connect with your own body:

1. Learn to listen to your body

Most of us try to push yourself over the limit. Almost 90% of people who go to a dietitian who are the symptoms caused by stress. Most people who came to see me in the clinic are being abdomen, neck or back pain, hives or normal cold. Often, people go to the doctor to find a cure fast. But ask yourself: "Is my body wants me to change it or not?". The answer could be: you need to slow down, or eat less of the unhealthy snacks, or you want your body to do a job other than the health. Listen to the answers that from you.

2. Navigate to the root of a healthy diet

The purpose of food is to provide nutrition. So I've had a lot of women that food and the taste of them as enemies can not control. A typical example is a woman who wants to lose weight extreme, but can not control the desire to see a big bowl of ice cream while watching TV. She felt unable to save well, blame too delicious taste of ice cream. Indeed, she is stressed, lonely or bored, and compensate for that feeling with food.

Let yourself be curious to what motivates your eating habits. Notice the difference between real hunger, the cravings. To take the time to enjoy the taste that brings food, and stop when full. Once you realize that you have control, you will be surprised to find that it is easier when you eat really bring good things for your body.

3. Focus on the feeling healthy

One of my patients recently realized that the "4.5 kg reduction" has become the target of her in 10 years. She tried the method unbearable, temporary weight loss, and finally back again to sign the same. For me now, she finally set to forget about losing weight, and focus on creating a healthy body, to feel love life more.

She said she did not have time to exercise, we found a solution. So she went to the funeral soccer 3 nights a week, she found a sports club next to it. Currently she drop the kids to the soccer field, and then go to Zumba dance class. We also practice habits easy to do to help her eat more methodical. In recent days, she had planned to eat every day and go to the market a great time, instead of just had to buy every day.

She felt like the feeling that I have a healthy new, and rather wonderful, she dropped by 2 signed within weeks. She felt very confident about the ability to make your weight loss plan. She spent more time on the internet to learn more about effective weight loss methods. She also apply them to her life and now she has a nice body. Through this article, she wants to share a blog she likes reading. It is:

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