Monday, January 26, 2015

Recipes prevention of doctors

When looking for advice on how to stay healthy through the flu season, doctors are a useful source of advice you should not ignore. With the seasonal and contagious diseases such as influenza, in addition to hand washing, getting enough sleep and drink enough water, the doctor reveals tips that you can hear for the first time to enhance immunity and avoid illness .

Think twice before drinking more alcohol

This does not necessarily mean complete with mug says aperitif before dinner. With a moderate amount of regular alcohol catalyst appetite and brings many benefits for health. Here, the advice of the doctor's discretion before gulping shallow plunge into the bottle and drunk.

According to the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol abuse substances that weaken the immune system because of reduced bacterial killing ability of white blood cells. In addition, alcohol can also cause dehydration and sleep disorders, two factors reduce the resilience of the human disease.

Doctors recommend that you keep awake and in accordance with the recommended one glass of wine per day.

Limit consumption of sugar

"I myself feel better and limiting illness by ignoring snack bar with sweet marshmallow" Made Eas Healthcare author, Michelle Katz shared experience. Cause the way doctors are afraid because like alcohol, sugar interfere with the ability to destroy bacteria and viruses of leukemia.

So no matter how well crave sweets, you should restrain yourself when items such as soft drinks, biscuits or sweets lure, especially during flu season.

Full influenza vaccination

More and more strains of influenza appeared in recent times and the continuous variation of influenza virus vaccines that can not provide perfect protection against all strains of flu. Even so, not because of this it downplayed the role of the nasal vaccine. "In some ways you can do to protect yourself, vaccination is probably the first measures," said Dr. Joel Blass, medical director at the Workmen's Circle Multicare Center (New York, USA) asserted.

Hygiene items in the

  The last time you clean your laundry at any time? According to experts infectious disease prevention Westadt Shawn Mueller, Medstar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore (USA), where bacteria like warm, humid, so the washing machine is ideal hiding place for them. Advice from female doctors in this case for 2 Tbsp white vinegar into the machine and press the button to operate the machine normal wash cycle. This way, you can kill bacteria in cage cleaning and eliminates all odors if any.

In addition, telephone, microwave, computer keyboards, doorknobs, switches, remote controls, toys and children's items ... also exposed a lot of people every day, but most are not be cleaned regularly and properly. With such a sensitive time in the flu season, be sure to schedule hygiene items with the bleach solution contains alcohol once a week or more to prevent bacterial growth and spread.

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