Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oatmeal is a perfect powder

Today, the natural methods of beauty care and protection are becoming increasingly popular and familiar to us. Making beauty with ingredients from natural origin such as fruits and vegetables do not bring immediate results but gradually, the effect is very clear and durable. One of these natural materials which might not only supply nutrients for you, but will also be able to help you beautify your skin effectively, is oatmeal.


Oatmeal is a food rich in nutrients which has the amazing uses for our health. Not only does it increase the amount of sugar, but oatmeal also provides us with lots of fiber and protein. So many people regard it as a super food from nature because it helps promote digestive and eradicate toxins. We can create a lot of nutritious food from oats such as: bread, pancakes, muffins, oatmeal soup... These dishes provide more fiber than other powders without the calories.

In addition, oatmeal is also known to their effects such as increasing muscle endurance, helping to avoid nervous breakdown, strengthening the immune system, helping prevent cancers, supporting some skin disease treatment and regulating hormones of women. Furthermore, oatmeal is rich in iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin B, folic acid ... These substances increase libido for men. If you are drunk, have just a bowl of oats. Surely, you can overcome this discomfort.

In beauty care, the most obvious effect of oatmeal is to improve the beauty of your skin. Dermatologists said that oatmeal can clean the pores because it contains saponins which help cleanse the skin, anti-aging, reduce oily skin and moisturize the skin. Although many people have problems with acne, very few people know that acne may be treated with oatmeal masks. In fact, there are many people who have successfully treated diseases of fish stock with the oatmeal mask. Recipes to make an oatmeal mask are quite simple and varied depending on the skin characteristics and preferences of using natural ingredients.

Many people choose to use an oatmeal face mask because it gives them a lot of benefits. Many people sure that this powder is an effective tool to clean and make their skin healthy. Moreover, oatmeal mask is a perfect kind of masks for them. Of course, how to mix the ingredients together is an important factor for the quality of a mask. The food that can be combined easily with oatmeal and can bring good results are honey, eggs, olive oil, or may simply mix oatmeal with lemon juice if you want to make a mask for the oily skin. There is a typical recipe and very easy to do as the following: mix ½ cup of oatmeal with a little hot water and a little honey, after  cooling this mixture, apply a small layer into the face. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse with water. If you use this mask for a long time, you'll see your face clear and more radiant.

Using oatmeal masks is a natural method, so you should not expect immediate results. In contrast, the results will come slowly over time. It is important that the results will be long-term and sustainable, and the oatmeal mask is very safe because most of the ingredients in this mask is familiar food in the kitchen which you can eat it. What a great thing we can have!

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