Monday, January 26, 2015

Recipes prevention of doctors

When looking for advice on how to stay healthy through the flu season, doctors are a useful source of advice you should not ignore. With the seasonal and contagious diseases such as influenza, in addition to hand washing, getting enough sleep and drink enough water, the doctor reveals tips that you can hear for the first time to enhance immunity and avoid illness .
Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lose weight fast with strawberries

Strawberries have many kinds. The quality of strawberries can prevent the oxidation liberal group that damage to the cell membrane. Fresh strawberry red color because it contains flavones less.

The plant nutrients can prevent the rapid growth of bacteria and fungi. Strawberries contain manganese, vitamin C, B vitamins and cellulose, can purify the blood, liver protection.

Strawberries are fruits are people prefer thich.No containing anti-cancer agents, can prevent toxins in the liver, making mental clarity.

Compared with other vegetables and fruits strawberries contain more antioxidants. Antibacterial and antiviral substances in strawberries can help prevent heart disease and cure cancer braid. Cellulose and tamine in strawberries can clean the digestive system. Also, strawberries also prevent infection, protect the urinary system.

Especially strawberries, can help you lose weight very quickly and efficiently.

Only with menus from strawberries, you just need patience done, definitely going to effect only after 3 days, with the implementation of this method ensures your health will not be affected. Just combine and complement the right way, wish you success offline!

Day 1:

Breakfast: You should drink a cup of green tea after waking up, then physically active at a time and use strawberry salad with low-fat yogurt 1 box.

Lunch: Eat less rice, diet mainly of vegetables. Drink a glass of strawberry smoothie before or after each meal of the day.

Dinner: Continue adding strawberry salad, drink a full glass of water before going to bed.

Day 2:

Breakfast: Eating a slice of bread with cheese, followed by a glass of fruit juice or dessert with strawberries.

Lunch: Drink a glass of strawberry shake 15 minutes before meals, note that should cut the fat, starch or sugar in the diet. Dessert with a few slices of grapefruit.

Dinner: Eat a salad of strawberries combined with other materials, with 1 apple dessert and go to bed early.

Day 3:

Breakfast: Take even a glass of fruit juice immediately after waking up, continue to exercise and eat some strawberries with oatmeal, or you can eat salad of strawberries and other fruits.

Lunch: Eat 1 cup rice 1 small with less lean warehouse, dessert with strawberries. You should remember to drink a strawberry smoothie before eating 15-30 minutes offline.

Dinner: 1 salad of strawberries and 1 apple, drink filtered water. No food and no snacking too late.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

My experience weight loss

I love the concept of "body love yourself", because a healthy body is adorable. Here are some ways to help you connect with your own body:

1. Learn to listen to your body

Most of us try to push yourself over the limit. Almost 90% of people who go to a dietitian who are the symptoms caused by stress. Most people who came to see me in the clinic are being abdomen, neck or back pain, hives or normal cold. Often, people go to the doctor to find a cure fast. But ask yourself: "Is my body wants me to change it or not?". The answer could be: you need to slow down, or eat less of the unhealthy snacks, or you want your body to do a job other than the health. Listen to the answers that from you.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Walking reduces the risk of diabetes

A recent study revealed why the walk after a meal is a wise thing.

After dinner, make sure you only want to remove your shoes, curl up on the couch and turn on the DVR - but here is why you should not do it: Take a 15-minute walk after meals can help control blood sugar and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to a new study conducted by the University George Washington Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS).

During the study, 10 healthy elderly spent 6 days during lientrong lab. Every two days, the participants were eating the same foods and a regular practice in the three walk on (treadmill), speed from slow to moderate:

- Walk 15 minutes after each meal.

- Walk 45 minutes in the morning.

- Walk 45 minutes in the afternoon.

In each exercise above, the researchers constantly monitor their blood sugar levels. And they discovered that the short walk after every meal helps regulate blood flow is more effective for 24 hours.

Why is this important?
Normally, the human body can tolerate fluctuations in blood sugar after a meal occurred within 30 minutes: insulin release from the pancreas, helps transport to the liver, where the body is energized. But when old (or so the day when no movement), the body will react less, leading to large amounts of sugar in the blood is not air-conditioned, who led the study Loretta DiPietro, PhD, MPH, president of physical sciences at SPHHS said. Over time, this can damage the defense capabilities of the cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which affects brain function and even lead to blindness due complications, she said.

Fortunately, the process of creating exercise muscle spasms baphieu status as insulin results. Why exercise walk after every meal effective than 2 exercises? Because this exercise to meet the exact time our bodies need: When sugar enters the bloodstream, DiPietro said.

Busy, find it difficult to walk after every meal?
So please arrange a time to walk about 30 minutes after the main meal of the day, a meal rich in carbohydrates (such as pasta and rice) or sweet (like donuts, sugary drinks). We are what cause the blood sugar spike quickly and give way to higher volume, DiPietro said.
Bonus: She also said the walk also helps you avoid fatigue after meals - so you should have no problems fidget, nodding to track your favorite shows on your DVR.
Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oatmeal is a perfect powder

Today, the natural methods of beauty care and protection are becoming increasingly popular and familiar to us. Making beauty with ingredients from natural origin such as fruits and vegetables do not bring immediate results but gradually, the effect is very clear and durable. One of these natural materials which might not only supply nutrients for you, but will also be able to help you beautify your skin effectively, is oatmeal.


Oatmeal is a food rich in nutrients which has the amazing uses for our health. Not only does it increase the amount of sugar, but oatmeal also provides us with lots of fiber and protein. So many people regard it as a super food from nature because it helps promote digestive and eradicate toxins. We can create a lot of nutritious food from oats such as: bread, pancakes, muffins, oatmeal soup... These dishes provide more fiber than other powders without the calories.
Monday, January 12, 2015

Whiten our skin

Let’s learn how to whiten skin with 3 natural ways. These solutions will help you have one skin brightening rapidly.

Whiten our skin

Use lemon juice
Lemon juice has been used for thousands of years as a method of natural skin lightening. It contains mild acid whitening skin, exfoliating and dark layer of skin cells, skin whitening face so quickly. However, pure lemon juice can irritate the skin. One solution is to limit the mixing part lemon juice to one part water, take a cotton ball and dab on a solution to your skin. For 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.
Sunday, January 11, 2015

Foods help you lose weight fast

We all know that diet and exercise are part of losing weight but you have to know what foods are most effective to help you lose weight fast? More important is the familiar foods, close, available and easy to find and cheaper. Here are 9 foods like help you answer the question what to eat to lose weight fast?

lose weight fast

coconut Oil
Unlike the myths of women that coconut oil is very fat and cause weight gain, by contrast, coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids with other fats. Nayco fat can be absorbed directly into the cells where it is immediately burned as energy. Coconut oil is considered a thermogenic foods help increase your metabolism and burn excess fat.
Add the oil to the diet can also help balance your blood sugar, but also conducive to weight loss. Coconut oil can be used for cooking, used in baked goods and processed foods rich in protein.
Saturday, January 10, 2015

Prevent water 'evaporating' from the skin

From external causes: frequent skin contact with air from the air conditioner, this is especially so with the sisters work at the office; use cleanser or lotion highly alkaline pH lose skin, bleached natural oils in the skin; frequent hot baths also makes the skin becomes drier; exposed to too much sunlight makes UVA, UVB damaged skin, easy to aging, wrinkles and dehydration. In addition, some drugs used in treatment of diseases such as hypertension, diuretics, medication allergies, acne ... can also dehydrate the skin.

easy health beauty

Causes from the inside: If you have a health problem that also dehydrated. These diseases include diabetes (high blood sugar causes more water to drain leads to skin dehydration); skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema; hypothyroidism (when the disease, low thyroid hormone production reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands leads to skin dehydration); due to the aging process (40 women often feel dehydrated than normal).